What tactics do you generally use playing against Chinese players

Ask the coachCategory: Tactics & match-playWhat tactics do you generally use playing against Chinese players
Patrick asked 3 months ago

You wrote a good article nearly 7 years ago about how to play table tennis like the Chinese.

However, I play in Division 3 of my local league and I have come across a few teams with all Chinese table tennis players and of course, those teams are the highest on the ladder and with the best leading players in that division. Unfortunately, I can’t beat any of these Chinese table tennis players but I have an all round game.

These Chinese players all have stronger forehands than backhands and they are all attacking players. What tactics do you generally use against specific Chinese table tennis players who fit this criteria? Obviously, in the top division of your local league, these type of players are even higher standard.

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 3 months ago

I also wrote an article back in 2016 titled “Tactics for beating a one-wing attacker“. This is a must-read for you. In short I suggest you target the weaker backhand side as much as possible, with occasional switches to the forehand side. In the article I go into more detail about this.
In addition to the article, I will also add that you need to move out of your comfort zone and attack these players more. You say you have an all round game, which means you are capable of playing attacking shots. You need to use them. If you get too safe, then these one-wing attackers will dominate you. But if you give them something to worry about with your own attacking shots, then you will challenge them much more. 
If these players are consistently beating you, then you have nothing to lose. Go for more attacking shots, target the weaker backhand and keep applying pressure. Good luck!