Whose point if ball goes under the net?

Ask the coachCategory: OtherWhose point if ball goes under the net?
Lance Heise asked 3 months ago

If your opponent slams the ball and it goes under the net but lands on the opponents court, is it (1) a point for the slammer (2) a point for the receiver or (3) a play over?  I enjoy your videos–keep up the good work and helpful hints.  Lance

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Tom Lodziak Staff answered 3 months ago

If understand the question correctly, then the ‘slammer’ loses the point. If a ball is hit over the table and it goes under the net, then it is a fault. The ball has to go over the net. It also probably means you need a better net! If the net is tight, a ball shouldn’t be able to go under it and on to the other side.
There is one exception to this. If you opponent hit a shot which goes around the side of the net, then this is allowed. This scenario only really happens, when a player is pushed wide, so has a suitable angle to go around the net, rather than over the net.