The deadly kicker serve – in depth tutorial

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In this video, top coach Craig Bryant, explains the secrets of his brilliant kicker serve.

This is a serve which looks like backspin, but it actually loaded with lots of topspin. The ball literally kicks up off the table. If you read it wrong, the ball flies high up into the air.

Craig also explains how to do a backspin variation of the serve. This where he makes the serve look like topspin, but is actually backspin.

And to confuse opponents even more, he sometimes does a topspin variation, disguised as backspin, with a further topspin false movement. Confused? So are his opponents!

There is footage of lots of players trying to return his serve and not having much success.

Craig’s equipment…

Blade: JOOLA TPE Fight
FH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech
BH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech

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Posted on 19/01/2022