3 drills to improve your rallying skills

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In this video I show three training drills you can do to improve your topspin rallying skills.

These drills will help you improve your reactions, your footwork and your ability to deal with random match-play.

One way I have improved over the past five years is doing lots of topspin drills switching between forehand and backhand strokes in an irregular pattern.

This has helped me move up divisions and beat higher standard players.

In the video, I demonstrate three drills with my team-mate James Ward…

  • 1 or 2 to BH, 1 or 2 to FH
  • Open to BH
  • BH to BH, random to FH

I explain how the drills work and give some tips on how to do the drills effectively.

Posted on 21/05/2019

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