BACKHAND CHOP – top tips from a defensive expert

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In this video you will learn how to do a backhand chop with lots and lots of backspin.

This is a crucial shot for all defensive players. But even if you are an attacker, this is a shot you can learn to add a little more variety to your game.

The tips in this video come from Orsi Petocz. She has represented Hungary at an international level and is currently coaching in Cambridge, UK. You can follow Orsi on Twitter, or read her profile on the Paragon Table Tennis website.

Orsi would like to dedicate this video to her first coach Beatrix Kisházi.

In the video Orsi is using a TSP CURL P1 rubber for her backhand chops.

Posted on 09/03/2023

2 thoughts on “BACKHAND CHOP – top tips from a defensive expert”

  1. Hi I am a left handed player ,and I use long pips on my backhand could you please tell me if the shots above are appropriate or just basically any tips ,also I am a more defensive player than attack, thanks Tony.

    • Hi Tony, the tips in this video will work for you too. Orsi has long pimples too. Orsi is right handed, so you will need to do the amend the technique for being left handed, i.e. you will need to transfer weight from your right leg to your left leg.


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