Dominate with the side-top serve

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In this video, England international player Charlotte Bardsley explains how to forehand side-topspin serve. This is a serve with some sidespin and some topspin. Charlotte uses this to force her opponents into topspin rallies, where she can then (hopefully) dominate.

The purpose of this serve isn’t necessarily to win the point outright – although that is a bonus. The purpose is to set up the type of rally which suits Charlotte’s style of play. It’s a slightly different way of thinking about service, but hugely effective if you can develop this skill.

Charlotte explains how to do the serve and how to use it to force her opponent to receive in a way which gives her an opportunity to attack first.

You can find out more about Charlotte on her website.

Posted on 22/02/2024

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1 thought on “Dominate with the side-top serve”

  1. Thank you so much, Tom. I am a relatively new level 1 coach, and it is great to look at your videos and choose what to teach to different levels of players(8-14 yr olds)
    I teach the Alexander Technique and share your attitude to speading my technique as widely and as generously as possible.
    More power to your elbow(and wrist, etc.!) Dr Miriam Wohl


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