FAST FOOTWORK – top tips from pro player Charlotte Bardsley

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In this video, England international player Charlotte Bardsley explains how to improve your footwork and movement.

This is an area of the game where many of us struggle. We often get too planted and then have to reach out for balls, rather than moving, resulting in poor quality shots.

Charlotte explains how to use your feet, knees, hips and core to move quickly for both small and big movements across the table. There’s also plenty of very impressive footage of Charlotte doing footwork drills. 

If you’re an older player, you may not have the same range of movement (I certainly don’t), but Charlotte shares some fundamentals which are applicable for players of any age.

You can find out more about Charlotte on her website.

If you want more detailed instructions on the footwork drills Charlotte is doing in this video (and many other drills), please join Tom’s TT Academy.

Posted on 11/10/2023

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