Forehand Flick – Amateur vs Pro technique

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In this video I compare the forehand flick technique of an amateur player (myself) with the forehand flick technique of a professional player (England No.1 Liam Pitchford).

Liam has a much more consistent and aggressive forehand flick technique, but how is he able to do this?

To help us work it out, I use some side-by-side slow motion analysis. By doing this we can see some clear differences in our technique, including shot preparation, the back swing, the type of contact we make on the ball, foot position and follow-through.

In the video Liam is using the following equipment:

Blade: Victas Liam Pitchford blade
Rubbers: Victas V>15 Extra

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Posted on 26/01/2023

2 thoughts on “Forehand Flick – Amateur vs Pro technique”

  1. These amateur/pro difference videos are brilliant for seeing and understanding the key concepts. Top marks, Tom (and Liam).

  2. Very clear breakdown of what is involved in one shot, giving many different options for working to improve one’s style and thus one’s game. Bravo!


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