Forehand topspin vs backspin – basic technique

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If you want to improve and play at a higher level, you need to learn how to attack backspin balls, e.g. pushes, chops, backspin serves.

Many players at the beginner and intermediate level find this difficult to do. They often get stuck in pushing rallies and when then do try and attack, the ball ends up in the net.

But with a little bit of coaching, it is quite easy for any player to learn how to attack a backspin ball consistently.

In this video I show you how to attack backspin balls with a forehand topspin. I share some of the teaching methods I use with the players I coach. I explain the technique in full, then I break the learning process down into smaller chunks.

Most of the time my methods work. So if you struggle with this shot, try out the things I show in the video and hopefully it will work for you too.

Posted on 07/12/2017