How to improve your focus when training

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In this video I explain how you can improve your focus when you’re training.

Many of us (myself included) can get a little lazy when training. The mind drifts and engagement can be half-hearted. But if a training exercise has a specific challenge attached to it, then most players get a lot more focused.

To demonstrate this, here is some footage of my six-year-old daughter Beatrix. We have been playing a lot over the summer holidays. To help her focus when playing, I’ve been setting her little challenges to complete.

The moment we start the challenge, she switches on. She is more alert, engaged and focused. And she wants to keep on playing until the challenge is complete. The result? Bigger improvement.

In the video I show some of the little challenges we do together, which will hopefully inspire you to set your own challenges when training. You should experience an improvement in both your focus and performance.

Posted on 09/09/2022