Playing distance training drill

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In this video, I share a training drill to help you play at different distances from the table.

You play two backhand and two forehands close to the table and then two backhands and two forehands away from the table. The final ball is played to the middle of the table and then both players try to win the point.

This is a very useful exercises to practice playing both close to the table and away from the table. You need to alter you stroke length and swing trajectory to consistently get the ball on the table.

The footage was filmed at the Bryant & Gertsen training camp at Plymouth Table Tennis Club in October 2021.

The instructor is Paul Whiting, who is head coach at Plymouth Table Tennis Club. Craig Bryant and Stephen Gertsen are doing the demonstration. All three are excellent coaches and all former international players.


Craig Bryant

Blade: JOOLA TPE Fight
FH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech
BH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech

Stephen Gertsen

Blade: Tibhar VS Unlimited
FH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-D
BH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-D

Paul Whiting

Blade: Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon
FH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 
BH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-S 

More information:

Craig Bryant:
Stephen Gertsen:
Plymouth Table Tennis Club:

Thank you to Bribar Table Tennis for supporting this video and the training camp.

Posted on 16/06/2022

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