Tactics to beat a left-handed player

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In this video top coach, Lois Peake, shares some tactics for right-handed players to beat left-handed players.

Playing a lefty can be tricky. The angles are different. The patterns of play are different. And they usually have very strong forehands!

Lois explains some tactics which often work against left-handed players. These include attacking the wide forehand, using short pendulum serves and also serving sidespin to the backhand to set up your own forehand attack.

Lois has represented England and the junior and senior level. She has also coached at a high level, and crucially for this video, is a left-handed player!

This video was made in partnership with Table Tennis England.

In the video, Lois is using this equipment:

Blade: JOOLA Santoru KL-C Outer

Rubber (both forehand and backhand): JOOLA Dynaryz AGR

Posted on 03/05/2023

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