Backhand topspin attack – Amateur vs Pro technique

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In this video I compare the backhand topspin technique of an amateur player (myself) with the backhand topspin technique of a professional player (England No.1 Liam Pitchford).

Liam’s backhand topspin attack is one of the best in the world. It is very fast, with lots of spin and his placement is exceptional. How is he able to play such an amazing backhand topspin attack?

To help us work it out, I use some side-by-side slow motion analysis. I identify I few things Liam does, which enables him to play with a lot more speed and spin than me.

At the end of the video Liam attempts to return my long sidespin serve. At the amateur level, I have a lot of success with this. But will my serve challenge Liam? Watch to find out!

In the video Liam is using the following equipment:

Blade: Victas Liam Pitchford blade
Rubbers: Victas V>15 Extra

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Posted on 16/11/2022

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