Backhand topspin vs backspin – Amateur vs Pro technique

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In this video I compare the backhand topspin vs backspin technique of an amateur player (myself) with the forehand topspin vs backspin technique of a professional player (England No.1 Liam Pitchford).

This is a tricky shot, but Liam makes it look ridiculously easy. Liam is able to play an incredibly fast and aggressive backhand topspin shot, but how is he able to do this?

To help us work it out, I use some side-by-side slow motion analysis. This helps see how Liam uses a different swing trajectory, more wrist and a dynamic stance to produce a faster backhand topspin shot.

There is also some footage of me trying to return Liam’s very fast backhand topspin attacks.

In the video Liam is using the following equipment:

Blade: Victas Liam Pitchford blade
Rubbers: Victas V>15 Extra

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Posted on 23/03/2023

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