Dealing with pressure

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In this video, top coach Stephen Gertsen, explains how you can improve at coping with pressure situations in table tennis matches.

We’ve all been there. The score gets close at 8-8, 9-9 or 10-10 and we start to get a little anxious. The heart rate increases. The mind starts to drift to whether we will win or lose. The body tightens up. The strokes get stiff and jerky. We play tentatively and then mess up and loose the game. The pressure got to us.

Stephen suggests we can get better at dealing with these pressure situations by changing the way we train. If we can simulate pressure situations in our training sessions, this will prepare us better for dealing with pressure situations in real matches.

Stephen explains this concept in more details during the video, with the help of Craig Bryant and Paul Whiting.


Craig Bryant

Blade: JOOLA TPE Fight
FH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech
BH rubber: JOOLA Rhyzm Tech

Paul Whiting

Blade: Tibhar Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon
FH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 
BH rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-S 

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Posted on 14/04/2022