How to improve your forehand flick

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In this video, top coach Ferenc Horvath gives a few tips to help you improve your forehand flick.

The forehand flick is an advanced attacking stroke, typically used to return a short backspin serve. The movement, timing and stroke execution all have to be quite precise to be able to flick consistently. But if you can master this shot, you will have another attacking option to put your opponent under pressure.

Ferenc gives a great explanation on how to play a forehand flick. There is lots of footage of Ferenc demonstrating the shot. And at the end of the video there is footage of me attempting to return Ferenc’s forehand flick.

About Ferenc Horvath …

Ferenc has coached and played competitively in many European countries including Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Norway. He now coaches in Cambridge, UK. You can read more about Ferenc and his coaching services on his website:

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Posted on 21/07/2021