Tips for maintaining a positive attitude when you’re losing

All players have bad games. Sometimes when a match isn’t going well, a player’s head will drop and they will stop competing. This is the worst kind of defeat. No one feels good about losing control of their emotions and giving up. You learn very little from the defeat. There are no positives to take away. Ideally you want to eliminate this type of loss from your game completely. How can you do this? Here are a few tips on maintaining a positive attitude when you’re losing…

Tie Yana vs Yang Haeun (Hungarian Open, January 2016)

20160124 - Tie Yana vs Yang Haeun

Lots of quick topspin exchanges in the women’s final of the Hungarian Open. Tie Yana (Hong Kong) last won a world tour singles title in 2010, whereas Yang Haeun (South Korea) has twice been a world tour runner-up. The first four sets are tight, with plenty of unforced errors. The match really comes to life at the end of the 6th set with a series of long rallies. The match goes into a deciding set, but which player will hold their nerve and claim the title? Watch to find out…

Tactics for beating a big flat hitter

One of the more awkward playing styles in local league table tennis is the big flat hitter. Rather than attacking with topspin, they prefer to hit through the ball with a very flat contact. You play a slightly loose shot and then BHAM! The ball gets smashed past you. You trudge off to the back of the hall to collect the ball. Next point, BHAM! The ball flies past you again. What should you do when playing a big flat hitter? In this blog post, I share a few tactics to help you win more points.

Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro (All Japan Championships, January 2016)

20160117 - Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro

Fast paced match between Jun Mizutani (red) and Chan Kazuhiro (yellow) in the final of the All Japan Championships. There are loads of fantastic rallies in this match. Most of the time Mizutani comes out on top, but Kazuhiro wins a couple of brilliant points – one at the end of the first set, another at 6-3 in the fifth set. Mizutani is one of my favourite players. He is great at switching from defence to attack and he always seem to play with a smile on his face. This match is an example of Mizutani at his best.

Learning from Desmond Douglas at Westfield table tennis camp

In December, I attended the Westfield table tennis camp in Northamptonshire. This was my second visit to the Westfield table tennis camp. The first time, back in 2014, I attended all three days. This time I only attended one day. I would have liked to have done all three days, but with a 3-month-old baby back at home, it would have been a bit unfair on my partner! Here’s my review, including lessons I learned from table tennis legend, Desmond Douglas…

Achanta Sharath Kamal vs Ruwen Filus (German League, January 2016)

20160501 - Achanta Sharath Kamal vs Ruwen Filus

Close match between Achanta Sharath Kamal (India) and Ruwen Filus (Germany) in the German league. Achanta wins the first set and has set points in the next two sets, but somehow finds himself 2-1 down. Filus’s mixture of defensive and attacking play makes him a very tricky opponent, causing Achanta to make plenty of unforced errors. Achanta has three more set points in the 4th set. He loses the first two points, but wins the third to make it 2-2. The final set is also close. Watch to find out who wins.