“Is it ok to use illegal serves?”

During a recent coaching session, a player asked me whether it’s ok to use illegal serves. He said very few players have a legal serve in his local league. And umpires, who are usually other players, rarely enforce the service rules. He said his opponents have an advantage because they can serve however they want. What should he do? Continue to serve legally or use illegal serves too? Read on to find out my answer… Keep reading

How to practice with a player of lower ability

Do you often find yourself practicing with players of a much lower-ability level? It can be quite a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time. There’s actually quite a few things you can do when practicing with a player of a much lower ability-level which will benefit your own game. In this blog post, I share some ideas on how to make practising with a weaker player more rewarding. Keep reading

5 training drills for switching between forehand and backhand strokes

Switching from backhand to forehand strokes, or forehand to backhand strokes, is a key skill in table tennis. During matches, the direction of play switches frequently. Rarely will your opponent play the ball to the same position for two consecutive shots. In this blog post, I explain how to improve switching between forehand and backhand strokes and share five simple training drills. For each training drill, there’s a video demonstration featuring myself and Nila, a player who I coach. Keep reading

Best cheap table tennis bats for your holiday

The holiday season is approaching. If you have children (I have two), you’ll probably be looking for numerous activities to keep them, and yourself, entertained. Table tennis is definitely one activity to add to the list. If you’re just playing for holiday fun, you really don’t need to spend too much money on table tennis bats. In this blog post, I share the best ‘cheap’ table tennis bats. These aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but the best quality available for a low price. Keep reading