Best cheap table tennis bats for your holiday

The holiday season is approaching. If you have children (I have two), you’ll probably be looking for numerous activities to keep them, and yourself, entertained.

Table tennis is definitely one activity to add to the list. It has always been a popular holiday sport. You can play indoors or outdoors. The entire family can play. And it’s pretty easy for even a beginner to hit the ball over the net a few times.

And there are tables everywhere! Leisure centres, parks, beaches, tourist hot-spots, holiday camps, hotels. It’s also pretty easy to convert your dining room into a sporting arena by putting a retractable net on to your table.

If you’re just playing for holiday fun, you really don’t need to spend too much money on table tennis bats. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best either. There really is a load of cheap rubbish available. Bats which are flimsy. Bats where the rubber comes off the blade too easily. Bats where the handle breaks off in your hand!

Below, I share the best ‘cheap’ table tennis bats. These aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but the best quality available for a low price. These are much more durable than the really cheap bats. They should be able to survive the occasional bash!

I have lots of readers from the UK and USA, so I will share links for both countries.

Best cheap table tennis bats (for UK)

Best cheap table tennis bats (for USA)

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