[Video] Improving my backhand loop – with Eli Baraty

[Video] Improving my backhand loop – with Eli Baraty

My backhand loop has been driving me crazy! I can do it in practice (most of the time), but rarely use it in a match situation. So I got together with top coach Eli Bararty to solve my problem. In the video Eli takes a look at my technique and gives me tips on how to use my legs and wrist to get more spin and consistency. Keep reading

Changing your pushing mindset

Many players I coach come to me with the same issue. They have a pushing problem. In matches they will push, push, push, push, push – waiting and hoping the other player will make a mistake. Does this sound familiar? Is this something you also struggle with? In this blog post, I will explain how you can change your pushing mindset and become more attacking. Keep reading

30 day challenge to improve your weakest stroke

30 day challenge to improve your weakest stroke

To kick off 2018, I thought I’d give you a challenge. For a 30 day period, your challenge is to work on, and improve, your weakest stroke. And I mean really work on it. During any table tennis training session you do over the 30 days, you have to spend a good chunk of time practising this weak stroke. The whole purpose of this is to use focused, deliberate practise in a condensed time period (30 days) to transform your weakest stroke into something which works in a competitive match. Keep reading

Tactics for beating a looper

As you progress from an intermediate player to an advanced player, you will start playing more and more loopers. These are players who like to play big topspin shots (loops), whenever they can. If you push a ball, they loop! If you block a ball, they loop! Even if you topspin a ball, they loop! What the heck are you supposed to do against this looping onslaught? Do not despair. Loopers are not unbeatable. Here’s a few of my favourite tactics to use when playing a looper. Keep reading

5 training drills for switching between forehand and backhand strokes

Switching from backhand to forehand strokes, or forehand to backhand strokes, is a key skill in table tennis. During matches, the direction of play switches frequently. Rarely will your opponent play the ball to the same position for two consecutive shots. In this blog post, I explain how to improve switching between forehand and backhand strokes and share five simple training drills. For each training drill, there’s a video demonstration featuring myself and Nila, a player who I coach. Keep reading

Tactics for beating a pusher

In local league table tennis, especially in the lower divisions, you’ll often have to play against pushers. These are players who don’t seem to do much else other than play forehand pushes and backhand pushes, over and over again. If you struggle against this type of player, here’s some suggestions to help you win more points. Keep reading