Changing your pushing mindset

Changing your pushing mindset

Many players I coach come to me with the same issue. They have a pushing problem. In matches they will push, push, push, push, push – waiting and hoping the other player will make a mistake. Does this sound familiar? Is this something you also struggle with? In this blog post, I will explain how you can change your pushing mindset and become more attacking. Keep reading

Best table tennis rubbers and blades for advanced players

What are the best table tennis rubbers and blades for advanced players? There are literally hundreds of rubbers and blades you could potentially buy, and a lot of them are very good. In this blog post I give my recommendations on really good table tennis rubbers and blades you can buy. I also give advice on how to do your own research and testing. This blog post is really aimed at those players who have moved beyond the intermediate level and are now becoming advanced table tennis players. Keep reading

How to destroy opponents with long serves

If you play table tennis at an amateur level, especially at lower levels, you can dominate your opponents with long serves. These are serves which land very deep on your opponent’s side of the table, ideally with a lot of speed and spin. In this blog post, I explain why long serves are effective (especially at lower amateur levels) and how to do devilish long serves which can give your opponents nightmares. Keep reading