Best table tennis rubbers and blades for advanced players

What are the best table tennis rubbers and blades for advanced players? There are literally hundreds of rubbers and blades you could potentially buy, and a lot of them are very good. In this blog post I give my recommendations on really good table tennis rubbers and blades you can buy. I also give advice on how to do your own research and testing. This blog post is really aimed at those players who have moved beyond the intermediate level and are now becoming advanced table tennis players. Keep reading

What are the best attacking table tennis rubbers?

One of the challenges most table tennis players face is choosing which rubbers to play with. There just so many rubbers available. To try and make life a little easier for you, I have created a short list of the top attacking table tennis rubbers – and which style of play they are suited for. This list is based upon my own personal experience and reviews from other players. It’s also based on the rubbers top professional players use. Keep reading