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What's your playing style?

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Tom Lodziak
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How would you describe your playing style? For me, I guess I am an all-rounder. I will push, block and play controlled attacks. Recently I've been trying to attack more aggressively, but I'm not sure it's really suits me. My technique tends to break down when I try to attack too hard. So I feel most comfortable when I am mixing things up and not putting pressure on myself to attack all the time. I tend to play quite close to the table and take the ball early with shorter strokes. I use speed and ball placement to win a lot of points and try to make my opponent miss. How about you? Are you a one wing-attacker, two-wing attacker, hitter, topspin machine, pusher, chopper, blocker, lobber? A bit of everything? Do you have your own unique style?

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Currently I describe myself as backhand dominant all rounder, spin and control oriented. Mostly I open up rally with my controlled backhand flick and topspin and favor backhand exchanges. My forehand is more like blocker or counter, although actually what I want to be is a topspin machine with powerful forehand loop like Ma Long. Still a very Long way to go 🤣 

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Too slow to be a classic forehand-dominant penhold player, RPB is too weak to be a two-wing attacker.

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2 wing attacker!!! When things are going right, but often too passive. 
I have pretty good touch, some nasty fast pushes, when I catch the ball right. Blocking could be better, mind you, everything could be better!!