New videos coming in 2019, featuring Paul Drinkhall and Craig Bryant

A busy year of table tennis is coming to an end. I have some more 1-to-1 coaching sessions this week, but from 23 December to 3 January I am putting away my bat. No table tennis, no blogs and no videos for a whopping 12 days.

But do not despair table tennis fans, I’ll be back in 2019 with lots of new content. This includes two exciting new video series, sponsored by Bribar Table Tennis.

Back in September, I had the pleasure of making some videos with England legend Paul Drinkhall. We managed to film enough for 10 videos (I think) and I’ll be releasing one a month from January on my YouTube channel.

Paul will be sharing lots of tips on playing big forehand attacks, the forehand flick, counter-topspin, blocking, footwork, touch shot, service variation and more.

Here’s a short preview…


And in November, I travelled to North Devon to do some filming with top coach Craig Bryant. These videos will all be about service. There will be 10 videos and I’ll will be releasing one a month from January on my YouTube channel.

Craig will be explaining how to do his best serves and give loads of tips on how to generate more spin, how to disguise your serves, how to serve short, half long and long, service combinations to dominate your opponents and much more.

Here’s a short preview…


If you want to get notified when these videos are published, then please do subscribe to my YouTube channel. Paul and Craig will be sharing loads of great tips to help you take your table tennis game to the next level. Thanks to Bribar Table Tennis for sponsoring these videos!

And of course, I will continue to make my own tutorials. In the first half of the year I will be publishing videos on returning sidespin serves, playing against long pimples, forehand attacks down the line, a beginner’s guide to topspin and simple but effective training drills.

To finish off the year, here’s my top five most viewed videos of 2018. Happy holidays to you all. See you in 2019!

5th place

Video: How to ATTACK short backspin serves

Views: 193,547

4th place

Video: Sidespin (pendulum) serve – tips and tactics

Views: 198,667

3rd place

Video: Blocking tactics to mess up your opponents

Views: 201,990

2nd place

Video: 5 classic table tennis MISTAKES (and how to fix them)

Views: 259,976

1st place

Video: A simplified approach to returning serves

Views: 352,273

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