Table tennis training camps in UK and Europe

A great way to improve your table tennis skills is to attend a table tennis training camp. Training camps are held all across Europe and typically last 2-5 days. During this time you will play a lot of table tennis.

There’s usually a lot of group training drills, focusing on technique, movement, service, receive and match-play. Some training camps will also include 1-to-1 coaching, so you can really work on your own specific needs.

You also get access to multiple coaches, most who will have coached or played at a very high level. The coaches are always keen to share their knowledge, so it’s ok to ask lots of questions.

A training camp will give you loads of things you can work on over the course of a season. You may not experience a big improvement straight away, but if you keep working on what you’ve learnt, you will definitely improve over time.

Above all, a training camp is pretty good fun. It’s a bit of escapism for a few days. You’ll finish with a few aches and pains, but mentally you’ll be very refreshed.

Below, is a list of training camps in Europe and the UK. Most training camps will cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, but it’s probably best to check they are suitable for your playing standard before you book.

Please note: I keep this list up-to-date throughout the year. If you would like a table tennis training camp added to this page, please email details to

List updated: 14 March 2018


Cooke & Deaton Summer Table Tennis School

  • Where: Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • When: July / August
  • Coaches: Alan Cooke, Nicola Deaton, Alex Perry, Kelly Sibley, Desmond Douglas, Joanna Drinkhall, Paul Drinkhall
  • Website:

Top Edge & Gertsen TT – London Training Camp

eBatt / Topspin Sports Table Tennis Camp

  • Where: Harefield, Greater London
  • When: August 2018
  • Coaches: Eli Baraty, Filip Szymanski, Chris Doran and Matt Ware
  • Website:

Wood Green Table Tennis Summer Camp

  • Where: Wood Green Academy, Wednesbury, West Midlands
  • When: 1-3 August + other dates throughout the year
  • Coaches: Ed Lynn, plus other top coaches
  • Website:

Corby Smash Table Tennis Camps

Westfield Table Tennis Camp


B75 International Table Tennis Camp

Butterfly International Training Camp

Summer Table Tennis Camp with Zoran Primorac

GV. Hennebont Table Tennis Camp

TopSpeed Table Tennis

Andro Table Tennis School

ZUGBRÜCKE Table Tennis School

  • Where: Grenzau, Germany
  • When: Dates throughout year
  • Website

TTPOR Atema Training Camps

HiTT Academy Summer Camp

International Table Tennis Camp

TT Camps Hungary

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