[Video] How to attack short backspin serves

[Video] How to attack short backspin serves

Is it possible to attack short backspin serves? Yes it is! Is it easy? No. But it is possible. Of course, it is fine to push or touch short backspin serves too, but if you can learn to attack these serves, you have more options to put your opponents under pressure. Watch the video to find out how to do it… Keep reading

The backspin serve challenge

Here’s something fun for you to try. Ryan Jenkins, a Welsh international table tennis player, has set a challenge. You have to do a backspin serve which bounces once on the server’s side, once on the receiver’s side and then bounces back over the net to the server’s side again. You get five attempts. Every time you do a successful serve, Ryan will donate £1 to Pink Pong. Ryan got 3 out of 5. Will I get more? Keep reading

Service tactics to win cheap points

One of the benefits of having a table tennis table in my garage, is that I get to practise my serves a lot. I spend time practising my favourite serves – the ones I always use in matches. I also spend some time experimenting with different service actions and spin. As a result of all this practice, my service game is quite strong. I usually win lots of points on my serve and my service tactics get me out of trouble when other parts of my game aren’t working quite so well. In this blog post I share some of the service tactics which help me win cheap points. Keep reading