A light-hearted look at the Team World Cup 2018

A light-hearted look at the Team World Cup 2018

Last week, I went to the Quarter Final session of the Team World Cup in London. I could write a gushing blog post about how amazing all the professional players are, but I don’t fancy doing that. Instead, I thought I’d write some light-hearted ramblings about my experience. So stick with it. I’ll try and entertain you with my witty (this might be pushing it) table tennis anecdotes and observations. Keep reading

9 reasons why table tennis is the best sport in the world

To celebrate this year’s National Table Tennis Day, I thought I’d share a bit of table tennis love. We table tennis players, coaches and fans all know that table tennis is the best sport in the world. But there are some unbelievers out there who need converting. So, in no particular order, here’s my 9 reasons why I think table tennis is the greatest of all sports. Keep reading

Why learning to play table tennis is like learning to drive a car

Why learning to play table tennis is like learning to drive a car

Most players I coach have at some point had to listen to my dreaded table tennis car analogy. I usually reel it out when a player is having difficulty learning a new stroke. The player says something like “it’s difficult to think about what I need to do and watch what you’re doing at the same time”. Ding! This is my cue. It’s time for my table tennis car analogy. For your benefit, here it is… Keep reading

The backspin serve challenge

Here’s something fun for you to try. Ryan Jenkins, a Welsh international table tennis player, has set a challenge. You have to do a backspin serve which bounces once on the server’s side, once on the receiver’s side and then bounces back over the net to the server’s side again. You get five attempts. Every time you do a successful serve, Ryan will donate £1 to Pink Pong. Ryan got 3 out of 5. Will I get more? Keep reading

Tom’s Table Tennis Quiz 2016

It’s quiz time! How good is your table tennis knowledge? I have 20 questions about table tennis during 2016. Each question has four possible answers for you to choose from. If you don’t know the answer, just have a guess. You have 1 in 4 chance of getting it right! At the end of the quiz you can compare your score to others and you can even add your score to the quiz leader-board. Keep reading

Winners of table tennis gold medals at 2016 Rio Olympics announced!

The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! I love the Olympic games. It’s great that sports like table tennis get much needed extra media coverage, even if it’s only two weeks every four years. I’m so excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics, that I have decided to announce (by which I mean “predict”) who will win the the gold medals. Read on to find who I think will win… Keep reading

Unsporting ways to win points

Most table tennis matches are played in a good spirit. But very occasionally there’s a bad-tempered match. There may be two players who are desperate to win. Or two players who don’t like each other very much. In this type of tense atmosphere, unsporting behaviour can sometimes occur. Here’s some of the unsporting behaviour I’ve witnessed over the years. Are any of these scenarios familiar to you? Keep reading