I’m now on Facebook – follow my table tennis page

You may have heard about this website called ‘Facebook’. Apparently it’s quite a popular social media site. All the cool kids are on it. Well so am I now!

Yes, I know, I’m about 10 years behind the times. Actually I was an early adopter of Facebook when it first came out. But I switched my profile off back in 2008. I can’t really remember why. I think I found it all a bit too much – all the constant messages and ‘poking’ (can you even poke people on Facebook anymore?).

The reason I have re-joined is so I can spread my love of table tennis even wider. I haven’t quite worked out what I’m doing yet, but I’ll definitely be sharing my latest blog posts, videos and other table tennis stuff.

Here’s a link to my page. If you’re on Facebook, please follow and like: www.facebook.com/TomLodziakTTCoach/

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