A light-hearted look at the Team World Cup 2018

A light-hearted look at the Team World Cup 2018

Last week, I went to the Quarter Final session of the Team World Cup in London. I could write a gushing blog post about how amazing all the professional players are, but I don’t fancy doing that. Instead, I thought I’d write some light-hearted ramblings about my experience. So stick with it. I’ll try and entertain you with my witty (this might be pushing it) table tennis anecdotes and observations. Keep reading

Anton Kallberg – future world champion?

There is plenty of excitement at the moment about 18-year-old Swedish player Anton Kallberg. He has had a rapid rise up the international rankings in the past year and once again confirmed his potential with an impressive run of results at the 2015 Swedish Open. I have to confess, I’m excited too. It’s very early days, of course. There have been plenty of 18-year-olds who have shown potential, but never made an impression on the world’s top 50, let alone the world’s top 5. But I think Kallberg is different and has the potential to reach the very top. Read my blog post to find out why… Keep reading

How to play table tennis like the Chinese

I’ve been watching videos of the Chinese players quite a lot recently. It’s a joy to watch these players in their full attacking flow. Apart from the occasional surprise loss, their standard of play is in a different league to other players in the top 20. From my many hours of watching these great players, I’ve identified a few things I think we can all learn from them and try and implement in our own game…. Keep reading