[Video] How to do a chop block – with Craig Bryant

[Video] How to do a chop block – with Craig Bryant

In this video lesson, I am joined by Craig Bryant. Craig is a UKCC level 4 coach (the highest level in England) and a former junior and international player.

This video is all about the chop block. It’s a tricky shot to do, but if you can do it, it’s a brilliant way to mess up your opponent. You can use a chop block to change the speed and spin on the ball and cause a lot of confusion.

In this video, Craig explains and demonstrates how to do a chop block. And I take on Craig in a chop block challenge. Will I be able to return any of Craig’s chop blocks? Watch to find out how I get on…

And just a quick shout-out for Craig… Craig Bryant is a full-time table tennis coach. He offers individual, group and corporate coaching services. You can find out more information on Craig’s website.

Video length: 06:42


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  1. Thanks Craig, really enjoyed this shot and how it can change the pace of the rally. I will try and practice with it until I can achieve the chop block! Many Thanks, Geoff Ware.

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