Best table tennis gift ideas

Looking for a gift for the table tennis enthusiast in your life? I can help! I have scoured the internet for some great table tennis gift ideas. Actually, half the things on this list have been given to me at some point. As a table tennis obsessive myself, nothing makes me happier than a table tennis gift for my birthday or at Christmas!

So on with my list of the best table tennis gifts…

table-tennis-batGood quality table tennis bat

You can’t play table tennis without a bat. But which bat should you buy? There are so many options available, ranging from a few pounds to over £300.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent bat.

For a really good table tennis bat for a beginner / improver, take a look at the Palio Expert or the Eastfield Allround table tennis bat.

For more advice please read my recommendations on the best table tennis bats for beginner players and intermediate players.

ballTable tennis balls

As well as a bat, every table tennis player needs balls. Of course they do. Even if they have a supply of balls, they always need more. Balls break. They go missing. Table tennis players always need new balls.

You could buy 3 star competition balls or a box of training balls.

For more recommendations, read my guide to the best table tennis balls.

instant-table-tennisInstant table tennis

Play table tennis on any table! The rollnet can attach to almost any table so anywhere you have an empty desk or table, you can play table tennis.

Play in the office, in the sports club, in the pub or even on the train. Anywhere!

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Table tennis top

A table tennis top allows you to convert your living room table, desk or pool table into a fantastic table tennis table in seconds.

A table tennis top can be setup on almost any table large enough. Superb home entertainment for any age.

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table-tennis-mugTable tennis mug

What do you get the table tennis player who has everything? Why, a table tennis mug of course. It will be guaranteed to be their favourite mug at home or a badge of honour at work.

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novelty-table-tennis-t-shirtFunny table tennis t-shirts

Every table tennis player needs a funny table tennis t-shirt (really!). Actually the word ‘funny’ is a bit misleading, as some of these t-shirts are quite cool.

There are t-shirts for all sizes, male, female, kids and even babies.

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table-tennis-tips-from-a-world-championTable tennis books

If you’re looking for something to stimulate the mind as well as the body, then consider a table tennis book. There isn’t a huge range of table tennis books out there, but there are a few very good reads. Take a look at my top recommendations.

If you’re looking for something a bit less serious, then consider this tongue-in-cheek manual ‘Everything You Know Is Pong: How Mighty Table Tennis Shapes Our World’.

table-tennis-robotTable tennis robots

Table tennis robots can be very useful practice partners. They’re not actually robots, more like ball throwing machines, which can produce different speeds and spins to challenge even the most advanced table tennis player.

They’re also great fun for parties – your guests will be lining up to beat the robot!

You can get a basic robot for less than £100. A mid-range robot will cost £500-£1,000 and a top of the range robot will cost up to £2,000.

For more recommendations, take a look at my blog post ‘Guide to buying a table tennis robot‘.

table-tennis-cuff-linksTable tennis jewellery

How about a bit of bling? A nice pair of table tennis cuff-links are a bit different and will be a guaranteed talking point if anyone notices! If cuff-links aren’t your thing, there are other table tennis jewellery options available, including charms and necklaces.

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multi-tableMightymast Leisure 34-In-1 Multiplay Games Table

The table offers 34 entertaining games such as: table football, pool, glide hockey, chess, chequers, backgammon, shuffleboard, skittles, playing cards, table tennis, magnetic darts, knock hockey, horseshoe, pickup sticks, poker dice, dominoes, ring toss, magnetic American football, tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) and marbles.

This sturdy table comes with light oak wood finish and is supplied with a system that packs all the games away within the unit when not in use.

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Design your own table tennis bat and table tennis balls

Want something a bit more personalised? You can design your very own table tennis bat or table tennis balls with any graphic or photo you want.

These bats and balls are very cool and make a great gift. Show off the bat or balls whilst playing some social ping pong, or just have it on display in your home or workplace.

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table-tennis-tableTable tennis tables

If you have space in your home or garage, then why not get a table tennis table? Great fun for all the family. Tables fold up in half, so they can easily be stored.

You can get a reasonably priced indoor table or outdoor table, which if looked after will last for years and years. If you have limited space, you can buy a ¾ size table or you can just buy a table tennis top to sit on an existing table.

Read my guide to buying a table tennis table.

Tom Lodziak - 1 to 1 table tennis coachingBook a coaching lesson

For the table tennis enthusiast who has everything, you should consider buying them a coaching lesson or lessons.

Table tennis coaches typically charge £15-£30 per hour. A google search should bring up some coaches in your local area. If not, contact local clubs and they will be put you in touch with a coach.

If you’re in Cambridge, or are planning to visit, I can provide coaching for individuals or small groups. If you’re in London, you could book a masterclass at Bounce, the site where table tennis was invented.

And if you really want to splash out, you could book a place at one of the many training camps in Europe and the UK.

balls-of-furyBalls of Fury

Finally, if all else fails, then just buy Balls of Fury. It’s a ‘comedy’ about a former pro, who goes undercover in the world of extreme table tennis to avenge his father’s killer.

This film is seriously rubbish, but a table tennis enthusiast should get a little bit of enjoyment from it. And it is very cheap!

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