Coaching and coronavirus

It truly is scary times we are experiencing. Both the public health scare of coronavirus and the social and economic impact of social isolation. I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing what they can to stay active and positive.

As for me, most of my coaching has been cancelled, including the training camp I was due to run next week. The sports centre I use for 1-to-1 coaching is actually still open, but how long it will remain open is unclear. So I may be able to do a little more coaching with players who are low risk and we keep a suitable distance. I’m not much of a hands-on coach anyway! It’s a tough time for all sport coaches – and people in so many different industries.

Even if the sports centre does remain open, I will need to scale back my coaching anyway, as I have a new job. I’m now a teacher… to my own children! As the schools have closed, I will be homeschooling my son (8) and daughter (4) and helping out more with the baby also. This will be a fun challenge I’m sure. Or we will all drive each other crazy. It could go either way!

I should have time to make a few YouTube videos on how to develop your table tennis skills if you are stuck at home. These will be quite light heated, featuring my kids and partner (they don’t know this yet!).

So I’ll still try to publish some table tennis content, but it probably will have a different focus for a while.

In the meantime, take care everyone!

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