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Giving advice to team-mates

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Tom Lodziak
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I have published a new article on my website about giving advice to team-mates during matches. You can read it here:

I'd be interested to know what advice you find helpful when you are playing matches? Do you like to get feedback from team-mates during matches? Or do you prefer to be left alone? 

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Any advice is welcome, whether I’m able to implement it is another thing!!
But usually your team mates see things differently and notice where you are winning points and losing points, it’s easy to miss stuff when you  are concentrating. They can advise on tactics, what your opponents weak points are, if they have already played your opponent and won, they should be to give some good advice.


In Game Awareness is something that comes naturally to some and is totally foreign to others.

How many times have you come across a player that has issues returning a certain serve and repeatedly continues to return the serve in the same way?? Either they just don’t know what to do, or they are not aware enough to try something different

Playing against a player that use long pimples shows this “In Game Awareness” quite well. If you know about how LP work, you should be able to take this knowledge onto the table.

You know that if you push with backspin and the opponent pushes back with his LP’s you are going to get a ball with some topspin or no spin on it. But you see the opponents push and instinctively push back. Ball pops up and WHAM the ball is blasted past you!!! 
This scenario is is no different than repeatedly playing to your opponents strengths!!

It’s about being aware enough to change and implement change during a match, and this is where advice from team mates is important. If you are serious about winning matches as a ‘team’ then as much help you can get, take.