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Annoying training partners

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Tom Lodziak
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I think I'm going to make a video at some point about annoying training partners. I'm sure we can all be annoying in our own ways, but there are a few 'types' which get me a little more worked up.

1. The training partner, who always smacks the ball as hard as possible, no matter what exercise you are trying to do.

2. The training partner who tries to do really complicated drills which involve way too many shots (and never actually manages to complete the routine).

3. The training partner who only wants to do his/her drills and treats you like a ball feeding machine.

4. The training partner who is obsessed with only playing forehand to forehand or backhand to backhand.

5. The training partner who refuses to drill and will only play matches (OK, I'm guilty of this one).

What other types of annoying training partners do you know?


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