[Video] How to move quicker when playing table tennis

[Video] How to move quicker when playing table tennis

In this video I share a simple tip to help you move quicker when playing table tennis. To move quicker, you need to get into a better table tennis stance. This means leaning forwards and keeping low. Then the weight will be on the front of your feet and it becomes much easier to make quick movements. If you can move quicker, you can get to balls quicker and play better quality shots. Keep reading

Small steps training drill

Some players are guilty of not moving their feet when they play. Instead, they reach or lean when trying to hit the ball. This is not good. When you reach or lean, you have far less control over the ball and are far more likely to make mistakes. To help improve a player’s footwork, I often get them doing a small steps training drill. The aim of the drill is to make small steps, left or right, to get into the ideal position to play shots as best as you possibly can. In this blog post, I show you how to do the training drill. The post includes both a video demonstration and a written explanation. Keep reading

The secret to playing great table tennis

Most table tennis coaches have one ‘secret’ to playing great table tennis, which they favour more than others. It could be a certain type of grip, playing distance from the table, mental preparation or any number of tactical or technical innovations. My ‘secret’ – the one thing I emphasise over all others with the players … Keep reading