My new table tennis book

I am pleased to announce the publication of my debut book – SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis. I have always wanted to publish a book. I’m sure the 23-year-old Tom would have anticipated some world changing political masterpiece. But life takes us in some unexpected directions, and a career obsessing about table tennis is certainly a more unusual turn of events. But now that my life is full of the joys of balls pinging and ponging, I wouldn’t want it any of other way.

My book is aimed at amateur table tennis players (i.e. most of the table tennis playing population!). Most of us don’t aspire to be a professional player and become world champion. We have more modest goals. We just want to improve. We want to beat a friend, family member, work colleague, club-mate or arch-nemesis. We want to improve our win percentage. We want to move up a division. We want to progress further in a tournament. We just want to get better at this weirdly addictive game.

This is the reason I have written this book. It is a book to help amateur table tennis players improve their skills, win more points and win more matches. I share tips on training, service, returning serves, winning points, tactics, playing matches and continual improvement. These are tips which work at amateur level. Tips which are achievable. Tips which will make a difference, even if you only play one hour per week.

I make no apology. I’m not a great table tennis player. I have never played professionally. I have never won a tournament of any significance. I am just a decent amateur player, who has progressed from the bottom division of a local league to the top division. But maybe my experience will resonate with you. My struggles are very likely to be similar to your struggles. The strategies I have used to progress in amateur table tennis are very likely to work for you too. I may not be a world champion, but I have a way of playing and teaching table tennis which will hopefully be very relevant to you.

I know books are a bit “old school” these days. It’s all about the internet – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok (whatever that is). I’ve just about got my head around YouTube and Twitter, but all the other social media channels leave me slightly confused! But I do like getting stuck into a physical book – you know, something you can actually touch and smell. There’s nothing quite like getting absorbed in a good book, and switching off from all the digital notifications which intrude upon our lives.

Basically, what I am saying is … BUY MY BOOK! It’s 230 pages of cracking table tennis advice and anecdotes. SPIN: Tips and tactics to win at table tennis is available to purchase from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format in the following countries…

Blogs and videos

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging or creating videos over the past few months. There has been two reasons for this. (1) I have been busy with the book, plus home-schooling during lock-down. This has left very little time for anything else. (2) Table tennis in the UK stopped for a few months, so there didn’t seem much point in publishing content.

But now that the kids are returning to school, I will have a bit more time to create content. Plus table tennis in the UK is starting up again. Many clubs have re-opened and some leagues are planning to restart soon. It feels as though the world is very tentatively returning to normal. So in September, I will start blogging again and publishing videos on my YouTube channel. It’s good to be back!

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