New group coaching days announced

From September 2022, I will be organising a monthly group coaching day in Cambridge. This will involve 5 hours of coaching, focusing on a specific aspect of table tennis, e.g. serving, rallying, topspin vs backspin. The group size will be fairly small – a maximum of 10 players, which will allow me to spend time with each player and give plenty of feedback. You can see the full list of sessions and make bookings on my Group Coaching Days page

I had been planning these group coaching days for a while, but then COVID got in the way, so I had to pause my plans. But now that we have had a long period of relative normality, it seems like the right time to run the sessions.

It’s also a new challenge for me as a coach. Almost all of my coaching time is dedicated to 1-to-1 sessions, so when working with a group I will need to coach in a slightly different way, which will hopefully help me broaden my coaching experience and expertise. And there is a different atmosphere with group coaching. You get more of a buzz in the hall, as all the participants immerse themselves in the world of table tennis and share the joy of playing (and frustrations!) with other participants. 

I’ve decided to give each group coaching day a particular theme. From a learning perspective, I believe this will help players really focus on one aspect of table tennis and gain a deeper understanding and stronger skills. Plus it allows players to choose a group coaching day which is really tailored to their needs. Topics I will focus on include:

  • Service
  • Rallying skills
  • Topspin vs backspin
  • Returning serves
  • Training methods
  • 3rd ball attack
  • Match tactics
  • Backhand strokes
  • Defensive skills
  • Ball placement

All of the group coaching days take place on a Friday. This may seem like an odd choice at first, as most sessions like this occur at the weekend. But there is a method to my madness. A lot of people now have greater work flexibility, so taking an occasional Friday off work is a little easier to do. There are also many players who have retired from work, who have much more flexibility to attend weekday sessions. Plus I wanted to offer players from other parts of the UK (or other countries), the opportunity to come and visit Cambridge. Have a day of table tennis on Friday, and then explore the picturesque university city on Saturday and Sunday.

I’m really excited about these group coaching days. Just over half the spaces have already been booked for the entire year, and we are still over two months away from the first coaching day. 

If you want to find out more, and make a booking, then go to the Group Coaching Days page.

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