No table tennis content for a while

Just a quick post to say I won’t be publishing any new blog posts or videos for a while. Due to the latest lockdown, and schools being closed, I have to focus on helping my children with their education. This leaves me with very little time for anything else. When restrictions are lifted – and schools re-open – I will hopefully be able to start creating content again.

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I’m a table tennis coach based in Cambridge in the UK. I have 70+ free table tennis lessons on my popular YouTube channel. I also have 150+ coaching articles to help you improve your table tennis skills. You can read more about my background on my About Tom page.

2 thoughts on “No table tennis content for a while

  1. You all just stay safe and well. My wife and I were just today able to schedule our 1st of 2 vaccines here in the States. we get 1st one in March.

  2. Good luck with teaching your own children. As a retired primary school teacher I found it a lot easier to teach a large class
    of children than just my own children.
    At school most of the children in my class worked & behaved well & did NOT try & waste time.
    Mums & dads find it hard to keep their children working for long sessions.
    All the best, Alan Goudie aged 77.

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