One million views of my table tennis YouTube channel

Over the past week, I passed a new milestone. My table tennis video lessons on YouTube have been viewed over one million times.


I’m very excited by this, being a bit of a digital statistics geek.

I never set out to be a table tennis YouTuber. I originally posted a few videos in 2015, related to my online course ‘Table tennis for beginners’. These videos didn’t get many views, and I didn’t really think about my channel any more or develop it an any way.

Then during the 2016 Olympics, I noticed I was getting a few more subscribers (still less than 100). So I checked my video statistics and noticed I was getting many more views.

So I created some new table tennis video lessons, posted these to YouTube and then whoosh! The number of video views and subscribers started increasing very quickly.

As of January 2018, I have over 7,500 subscribers and one million video views.

So I’d like to see a big thank you to anyone who has ever watched, liked, shared or commented on one of my table tennis lessons on YouTube. You keep me motivated to produce new videos, which hopefully benefit the wider table tennis community in someway.

And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, why the heck not?! Just go over to my channel on YouTube and click the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Suggestions for videos

I’ll be releasing more table tennis video lessons over the next year and probably increase the frequency too.

I have a list of videos I want to make, covering technique, tactics, service, receive, training drills and more.

But I’m very keen to hear you suggestions too. If you have a table tennis problem you would like me to solve (e.g. how to return a particular type of serve, how to improve a stroke, how to beat a certain style of player), then please let me know. Send me an email at and I’ll add your suggestion to my list.

10 most popular videos

To finish this blog post, I thought I’d share my most popular table tennis video lessons so far.

Enjoy… (and don’t forget to subscribe!)


1. How to return a sidespin serve
2. How to read service spin in table tennis
3. How to block heavy topspin
4. Pushing tactics to mess up your opponent
5. How to attack a backspin ball
6. How to get more speed and spin on your forehand topspin attacks
7. How to play a quick backhand topspin attack
8. How to play a backhand drive in table tennis
9. How to play a forehand drive in table tennis
10. How to hold a table tennis bat
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