Sponsorship with Bribar + exciting new videos on the way…

Sponsorship with Bribar + exciting new videos on the way…

I am very happy to announce that I have my first sponsorship deal!

It all started a few weeks ago when I published a video on how to do a chop block with Craig Bryant. Craig is sponsored by Bribar Table Tennis and when they saw the video they got in contact with me.

We had a good chat and shared lots of ideas about how we could work together. And the outcome of our conversation is that I am now (proudly) a Bribar sponsored coach.

Who are Bribar?

For those who are unfamiliar, Bribar are one of the leading table tennis companies in the UK. They sell a huge range of table tennis equipment – blades, rubbers, bats, tables, nets, balls, clothing, robots etc.

Bribar are the official importers of Tibhar, Joola, Gewo and Mizuno in the UK as well as stocking a wide range of goods from TSP, DHS, XSF and other main brands.

Bribar also sponsor many of the top table tennis players in UK, including Paul Drinkhall.

You can read more about Bribar at https://bribartt.co.uk

Exciting projects

There’s lots of things we’re going to do together over the next few months, especially on the video content side of things.

I’m going to be publishing more videos with Craig Bryant. The next one – all about the forehand fade – should be ready this week. And we’re making plans to film a few service videos, which will be great as Craig’s serves are out of this world.

At some point, probably in 2019, I’m going to spend some time at the German Bundesliga club, ASV Grünwettersbach. I’m not sure exactly what videos I’m going to make, but I will have access to lots of top players and coaches, so I will hopefully be able to do something pretty special.

And, finally, I’m also going to do some filming with a high profile England star (more information on this soon!)

New equipment

Bribar have very kindly given me lots of new equipment to try out.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will remember I recently wrote a blog post about the danger of meddling with your equipment too often.

Well guess what? I am doing a lot of meddling with my equipment right now! To begin with this freaked me out a bit. I was very happy with my existing set-up and the thought of changing made me a bit nervous.

But all seems to be ok so far (more than ok, actually). I have tried a few different Joola rubbers and at the moment I am favouring Joola Rhyzer 48 on my forehand, Joola Rhyzer 43 on my backhand and a Joola Fever carbon blade. It’s still early days, but so far I’m pretty happy with the equipment. I’ll post more detailed reviews of the rubbers I’m using in a few more weeks.

I’ll also be posting reviews of some Bribar ready-made bats (Winning Loop and Allround Professional) which are aimed at beginner and intermediate players.

Sign-up and subscribe

Apologies for my slightly self-indulgent blog post this week! But I wanted to share my good news about the exciting new content I’m going to be creating and sharing with you.

To get all my new content (all entirely free) make sure you sign-up to my newsletter, subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also get loads of great content (and offers) by signing up to the Bribar e-newsletter, or following Bribar on Twitter or Facebook.

A massive thanks to Wes Bush-Harris from Bribar for making all this happen and massive thanks also to Craig Bryant for connecting us together.

And here’s a few final words from Wes from Bribar Table Tennis…

“Bribar Table Tennis are delighted to be sponsoring Tom with his Coaching, Website and Videos! We are really BIG fans of Tom’s blogs and videos, so we are super excited to be supporting him on a new series of awesome videos for 18/19… watch this space!”

About Tom Lodziak

I’m a table tennis coach based in Cambridge in the UK. I have 70+ free table tennis lessons on my popular YouTube channel. I also have 150+ coaching articles to help you improve your table tennis skills. You can read more about my background on my About Tom page.

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  1. Hey Tom, Why can’t Yanks buy a Bribar bat and have it shipped to America?? I spent over 30 minutes trying to get your recommended developmental model shipped to me, running into dead ends when it came to shipping from Bribar and AmazUK, none on AmazUS, no apparent US outlet — Can you direct me to a place to get your recommended Bribar Winning Loop table tennis bat for a reasonalble price? With them sponsoring you they ought to support your US fans too!!!

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