Best table tennis rubbers for topspin play

Topspin is a vital part of table tennis. Topspin shots (or loops as some people call them) allow you to attack with speed, lots of spin and great consistency.

You can topspin fast and low. You can topspin slow and high. You can topspin with your forehand. You can topspin with your backhand. You can play topspin attacks against anything your opponent throws at you.

It’s the arc of the shot which makes it so effective. The topspin lifts the ball up over the net and then brings it back down the other side. So it’s a high percentage shot. This is why almost all pro players have a predominantly offensive topspin style of play.

Choosing a topspin rubber

If you also like to topspin a lot – or want to develop this style of play – then you need rubbers which are good at generating topspin.

Now, I firmly believe that technique is the biggest factor in how much topspin you can generate. But playing with a rubber which compliments your playing style, can give you that extra 10%.

I strongly encourage you to try out other player’s table tennis bats to see what you like and don’t like. This is the best way of trying a lot of rubbers, without paying any money. Most players are usually happy to let you have a quick hit with their bat.

When testing rubbers for topspin, focus on how well the rubber grips the ball. The more it grips, the easier it is to generate topspin. Also note how high or low the rubber throws the ball over the net. There’s no right or wrong here. Some players prefer a low throw. Others prefer a high throw. Find a rubber which suits your style. And also note how much the ball kicks when it hits the table. If it jumps a lot then you are generating lots of topspin.

Below I recommend a few table tennis rubbers which I think are very good at generating lots of topspin. These recommendations are based on my personal experience.

There are hundreds of table tennis rubbers available to buy. A lot of them will be very good at generating topspin. But I haven’t tried them all. So if a rubber you are thinking of buying isn’t listed below, it still may be very good and I simply have never tested it.

Topspin rubbers for intermediate players

These rubbers are spinny but have controllable speed. They grip the ball very well and have a medium-high throw which gives you a bit of safety margin over the net. These rubbers will help you develop strong topspin technique, without making too many errors by overhitting. You can read more details by clicking on the links…

Topspin rubbers for advanced players

These rubbers are very spinny, but have a few extra speed gears. So you can generate lots of topspin and speed at the same time. If you play at a higher level, you should be able to control extra speed. Theses rubbers have a medium-high throw (my personal preference). Currently I use JOOLA Dynaryz Inferno, but have also played with the other rubbers in the past. You can read more details by clicking on the links…

You can also do your own online research. You can find lots of reviews of almost all rubbers on the Revspin website. Pay most attention to reviews from players who describe a similar playing style and level to your own.

Good luck on your rubber journey! Remember, technique is the most important factor. But a great rubber can certainly take your topspin game to the next level.

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