Best table tennis bats for intermediate players

Best table tennis bats for intermediate players

When players I coach progress from beginner to intermediate standard, I encourage them to buy a better bat. But what the heck should they buy? There are just so many bats available – all with different levels of speed, spin and control. For a player who is buying their first ‘proper’ bat, it can be quite an overwhelming experience. But do not worry, help is at hand. In this blog post, I share the advice I give to the intermediate players I coach (including specific recommendations). I hope my advice helps you too… Keep reading

Best table tennis gift ideas

Looking for a gift for the table tennis enthusiast in your life? I can help! I have scoured the internet for some great table tennis gift ideas. Actually, half the things on this list have been given to me at some point. As a table tennis obsessive myself, nothing makes me happier than a table tennis gift for my birthday or at Christmas! So on with my list of the best table tennis gifts… Keep reading

Review: Eastfield Allround table tennis bat

There’s a new table tennis brand on the market. The new brand, Eastfield, is the creation of Ben Larcombe, who runs the popular Expert Table Tennis website. The first bat to be released under the Eastfield brand is the Eastfield Allround table tennis bat. This bat is aimed at players who are learning the game and want more control and feeling, rather than blistering speed. Ben very kindly sent me an Eastfield Allround bat to try out. I’ve been using the bat on and off for the past month in my coaching sessions. Here’s my review… Keep reading

Review: Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat

Review: Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat

One of the most popular table tennis bats for beginners is the Palio Expert 2. As there is a lot of interest in this bat, I thought I would write a review. I also have a Palio Expert 2 table tennis bat, which I sometimes use in coaching sessions with beginners. As I’ve had many hours of playing time with the bat, I feel well placed to give my expert view. Here’s my review… Keep reading

Best table tennis bats for junior players

I often get asked by parents which table tennis bat their child should use. There is a ridiculous amount of choice available, so I completely understand why parents seek advice, especially if they do not play table tennis themselves. In this blog post, I will share the advice I give to parents of juniors I coach. My advice is based upon two main factors: age and playing standard. I will look at two different age groups (4-8 and 9-16) and give a few recommendations for each age group. Keep reading

How to look after your table tennis bat

I spend more money than I should on table tennis rubbers, so I really try to look after them. I want them to last as long as possible and retain their grippiness, so I can get lots of spin on my shots. Taking care of my table tennis bat doesn’t take much effort or cost much money. In this blog post, I explain what I do (and what you should do too). Keep reading