Short pause from blogging

Short pause from blogging

I’m taking a short pause from my table tennis blog because of illness. I was admitted to hospital last week and diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Fortunately I was diagnosed and treated quickly, so I was able to avoid some of the really bad complications you can get with the infection.

I am now recovering at home. I need to get plenty of rest for the next 3-4 weeks, so I have to pause playing, coaching, writing and making videos about table tennis.

But I will be back!!

Here’s a lovely photo from this morning, where I had a big bag of antibiotics dripped into my vein and three bottles of blood taken away for analysis. The nurse was reassuring. She said “I’m like a vampire, when it comes to taking blood” and laughed sadistically.


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3 thoughts on “Short pause from blogging

  1. Tom, get well soon. Your website is an amazing resource for your fellow coaches. Your work is greatly appreciated. Rest, recuperate and come back stronger than ever!

  2. Thanks David and Roger. I’m definitely feeling much better than a couple of weeks ago, but still struggling with tiredness and heavy head, which may goon for a few weeks. Anyway, I’ll hopefully start writing again this week. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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